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Desolate Tomb Guide

Post by Ygerna on Mon 3 Oct - 22:14

It has been quite a while since i posted something here but I can still remember that I complained about the 'dead' forum. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since then but I am sure that there still are some people checking the forum from time to time. Despite the fact that maybe noone will even notice that I post something, I still want to help you guys with the somewhat harder dungeon that are getting released now. I might update the Naksun post I did (mentioned above) with some details on the fight, but first I will focus on Tomb and Citadel (after it has been released).

Before you enter the dungeon you have to make sure that you get the right composition: A tank is a must have and one of the most important roles [KFM/BM, BM much better since the HM-Block is needed]. For the second and endboss you will definetly need at least one ranged person. And for the endboss you definetly should (if not must) have a grab [LBD/DES prefered, SUM ok, but not the best].

The dungeon itself is made up of 3.5 boss fights including the endboss and some running parts where you have to avoid the enemies. I explain that later on. It uses the same map as Tomb of the Exiles (lvl 36 Heroic) with some small adjustments.
First you dont start where you normally start: On the bottom right of the map on top of a stair. Instead you start at the big room (where you normally glide or fall down after second boss in ToE). From there you have to fight a big group of Talus including Forcemasters, Gunners, Shieldcarriers and a 2 Million Hp - Underboss Destroyer. It is the best if one (preferably ranged) person aggros the boss in order to get the other Talus Soldiers to follow and move behind the wall of an object right next to the stairs.
Once this guy is dead, a Dragon Pulse will open which leads upwards. From there on you go through the dungeon in opposite direction.

The first real boss is a Forcemaster with two Destroyer adds. The tank has to tank the Forcemaster during the whole fight. The movements and skills of the boss and the adds are pretty fast and even 20% faster in 4-Man and the Forcemaster has some Parry/Defence Penetration - Skills.
Two other guys have to tank each one of the Destroyers while dpsing them down below 70%. When that happens, the Boss will 'Send his love' to the Destroyers. Then they will get a Bomb icon (like the Summoner skill) which then detonates after about 3 seconds. Once it made 'Boom' the boss will lose his shield and you are good to go to dps him. When he reaches 70% HP, he will give the destroyers their HP back and prepare for a 3x AOE, similiar but much faster than Scorpio Queen from Awakened Necropolis. Before he channels his AOE though, he will freeze the tank. Simply ss or iFrame it.
After the (hopefully) missed freeze, he will start a 4 second channeling of his AOE. The BM should use HM block on the first 3 AOE and a FM should use his/hers pt freeze on the second 3 AOE. After that, the destroyers will have to be focues again so that the boss loses his shield. At 30% he will do the 2x3 AOE again. Counter it the same way as the first one!

Afte the first boss has been done, you move on to the next part. Before reaching the next 'Boss' (why the ' you wonder? well you'll see...) you have to avoid many Talus. Run past them, HM block, freeze, projectile shield if needed. There are some spots in the walls right before reaching the boss in which you want to go to pull the Talus right around the corner (just like in the beginning).
When the Talus are dead, you move into the second spot in the wall. One (ranged preferably) hits the boss and goes back in the spot to pull the boss. Once he is there simply dps him. It's not rly a (fair) fight.

After that 'boss' you just walk to the next real fight, do one Jump'n'Run part and open another Dragon Pulse.
At the next boss you will need 4 roles: One is the tank obviously. One controlls the rockets and two care for the shields.
The tank's job here is to not move further away from the boss than the small circle you see on the map (about 6m). After the first round of everyone DPSing 3 blue adds will spawn on the outside of the ring. Since the tank must not leave that area and the adds wont do anything but heal the boss, everyone else has to kill them. After they are defeated, 3 red adds will spawn. Wait until they jump to the tank to kill them more easily. These red adds will then drop each one shield. The two shield-persons take them and go Shield-1 goes to the left stairs. Meanwhile the person that controlls the rockets has to be the furthest to get focused by them. He has to move to the stairs from where you entered the room. After 3 rockets have been shot (similiar to Floor 14) the Rocket-person has to go closer and Shield-1 goes furthest at the other stairs. The boss will shot 3 with a medium attackspeed. Press button '1' to block with the shields for 0.8 seconds. After the third shot, the boss will fire 3 AOE beams in a straight line towards Shield-1 in a slightly faster attackspeed.  Shield-1 just drops his shield to evade those lasers. After that Shield-2 gets on that stair to block the next 3 projectiles.
During the lasers and projectiles, 3 additional adds are spawning inside the ring. The BM, Rocket and in 6-Men the 2 other people have to kill them asap because they are healing the boss slowly.
If every projectile has been reflected, the boss will cancel his AOE channeling. If not, the BM has to HM-block that AOE. After some more DPS the boss will redo that schedule. Just do the same again. If the boss does not cancel his AOE after the Shield-part, you most likely will face that part more than just twice. If he cancled it, he will explode and take a lot of damage.

Once the second boss has been killed you move on (I mean you can also make a picknick if you like that place, but someone has to defeat the evil Lord of the Flames! And that one is you!). Once you went through the next portal you will see that there are not any Talus. Instead there are machienes. Some that you have not faced ever before. They look like everyone's nightmare on monday mornings: 4 huge speakers on top of them ready to make a loud noise and wake up the defence systems! If that happens, they will - as I just said - activate guns that fire projectiles which will eventually knockback you when they hit. The Alert-bots (let's call them this way) also pull you like the Mushrooms in Yeti. It is the best if either a SIN teleports you with his flower or if you run all at once and use every shield you have.
In the end of that hallway, you will be at the beginning of ToE. Here you jump in the middle where you can see a red dragon spire. It will lead you to the last area before the boss, the same as in ToE. But you are not done yet and ready to face the boss. In the final hallway you see those Alert-Bots again combined with blue and red lasers (similiar to Naryu Labyrinth). One person has to make it through everything and pull the lever behind the lasers to disable them. That will not disarm the bots though! In case your party wipes at endboss, you restart where the red Dragon Pulse carried you.

Now you finally reached the endboss. A 41.5 million HP monster that will give you worse nightmares than Yeti, Twins in Masts and Thaikan combined...unless you follow this guide!
There are two ways of dancing with the beast: Either you go 6-Man way or 4-Man. I hardly dislike 6-Man because...noone does it that way.
So, here is the explanation on 4-Man-Way:

One person is the Tank and also takes role '2'. One guy is marker and also role '2'. One guy goes to the right side of the boss and another one to the left. They are both role '3'. The remaining two persons will just stand behind the boss for the most part of the fight and DPS.
The fight starts with the Tank engaging on the boss and getting as much threat out as possible. It is neccassairs that the boss always faces the direction he was before the fight (he should look at the hallway from where you just came) and that the tank does not move further away than 8m. He has a simple AI made up of a 120° Aoe in front of him, a 180° Aoe behind him and a 2x 360° Aoe. All of them can be blocked. The first mechanic that will happen is when he reaches 90% hp. He will then jump to the furthest person and mark 3 people, one after one, with a 5 second bomb (similiar to Be Ido). Just move away from the boss and ss the explosion. Wait a few seconds and make sure that you do not stand next to an ally nor in the middle. He will then throw lava (just an unblockable AOE with DOT effect) at the persons that had been marked earlier in the same order. Once you see the AOE coming, you can continue the DPS (as melee only. ranged should be able to dps all the time, but dont neccessairly have to). After the third lava has been thrown, he will do a very fast AOE roar (Combine TOE roar with Terror from ssp-speed). A Forcemaster or the Blademaster should stay ready to do their defensive skill (pt freeze or HM-block obviously).
After that, the boss will jump in the middle. Everyone has to get close to the boss besides the Marker and on their positions:
Both 2: in front
One 3 on the left
The other 3 on the right
The DPS behind.
The furthest person will be marked then and the boss will spawn 2 electric charges (they look like Rajin's lightning orbs in Lab). The Marker just stays in front of the boss pretty much in the center of the orbs. The orbs will then move to the marker. The tank has to be next to the marker (side doesnt matter) and absorb one orb, while the marker takes the other. Right after they have been absorbed, the tank must go behind the Marker to split up the dmg. You call this phase the '2', because both 2's absorb the orbs.
The boss will then grab the Marker and throw him away, while taking huge damage. The Tank and Marker will end up with 2 buffs: One giving a DPS buff and a fancy effect, the other just as a placeholder that signals you to not take another orb while you have the buff. That's where the next phase starts: '3'
The furthest will be marked again, so everyone stay close while the marker is still far away from the grab-throw. The Marker will then again go in front of the boss and in the middle of the next 2 orbs, but both 3's will have to absorb one of the orbs, the Tank has to go behind the boss and after absorbing, the 3's move behind each other to split the dmg again. The one in front then gets grabed as well and thrown away, making the boss take another ton of damage. After the '3'-phase, the boss will jump away again and do a 4x Stomp-AOE. He has to be cc'd then and grabed to get time for the mentioned debuff to disappear. After the grab ended, he jumps back in the middle.
The boss will mark for the third time then, again the furthest. It is again phase '2':
Marker goes in front of the boss and tank moves just behind him (no orbs)! After that he will make a fast roar (same as after the 3rd lava), Hm shield or freeze that.

Now two things can happen, depending on the HP: If they are above 60%, he jumps away and mark 3 people with a 5-sec bomb again and throw lava afterwards and the roar again (FM or BM job to save pt). Once he reaches 60%, he will mark the closest.
That means everyone has to go away and the Marker has to come close to the boss. Unlike before, this time phase '3' begins. Do the same as before. After that he will mark again the clostest! So go away a bit and let the Marker hug the boss.
This time phase '2' comes second. Tank and Marker absorb one orb each etc. He will jump away again and do his 4x Stomp-AOE. Stun, Daze, KD him again and grab him!
After the grab ended. he jumps back in the middle. Everone moves away and marker gets close another time. Phase '3' happens again. Tank goes behind, Marker in front and the middle, 3 and marker split dmg and roar after grab.

At 30% he will then do 2-3-2 again. Do the same as at 90% with one difference: The very last grab has to be dodged (if the other 8 hit), because if the boss grabs a 9th time, he will have 9 stacks and enrage!

During the last 3 or 2 phase he should be dead, if he is not, you might have done something wrong or missed some dps. So just continue the damage and congrats! You beat Desolate Tomb! Remember the roles and the combination of: 2-3-2 3-2-3 2-3-2!

To make the you get an opinion on what the Endboss fight looks like, I captured a small video of me fighting the Boss in Tank/2-Role.
Thank you for reading until here, I hope the guide helped you.
PS: You might want to turn down the volume before hitting the video x:

PPS: I hope my outfit made you cringe again, Shadow Razz

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